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About Me

A Little About Me…

By October 2, 2019January 4th, 20232 Comments

I would like to take a few minutes to introduce myself. My name is Kristy, I’m a wife and mother of four amazing kids. Lets go back a little further though… I am the youngest of eight kids in my family. My parents were very hard workers, my dad owned his own business and my mom worked overtime raising us kids and caring for our home. I get my hard working entrepreneur mindset from my dad and my creative spirit from my mom.

Life was not always easy with such a large family, but as kids we never knew when things were tight. My mom always made sure every birthday and Christmas was filled with joy and excitement! We had many handmade gifts mixed in with new items my mom scored a deal on. We were always creating something. We would paint sweatshirts from the thrift store with fabric paint and puffy paint. We would sew our own scrunchie hair ties, make Christmas ornaments, birthday presents and so much more. We didn’t just craft out of need, we crafted because my mom loved it and taught us kids to love it too!

As years passed and I grew up, I continued to craft and create. I very much have a mindset of “If you can make it, why buy it”? I’ve had Etsy shops and sold at many craft shows over the years and have a love for photography that was passed onto me from my grandfather. I have a hard time sitting still, I like to be doing something… I have the most amazing husband who supports all of my dreams and ideas and believe me. If I’m making and creating I’m happy! I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to share all my creativity with other and not be boxed into just one thing I love, I love way too many things!

I really do believe that we all have a crafty side, sometimes we just need someone to help draw that out of us. I hope that I can help draw out the creative side of you!



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