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DIY Cozy Makeover for your Holiday Jar Candles

By January 7, 2020No Comments

We all have either been gifted or bought our own holiday themed candles over the holiday season. They smell amazing and we want to keep burning them. The only problem is, they are red, green, adorned with holly and Christmas trees… As we pack away our Christmas decorations we are left with the decision to pack them away or keep using them? I personally don’t like to pack my candles away. I feel like they get a little funky smelling over time… I’ve also had them melt in the heat of our attic over the summer months. I’m going to show you how you can makeover you candles to give them a cozy winter feel so you can continue to enjoy them.

I made over some throw pillows the other day using old sweaters. The sleeves were left over so I decided they would be perfect for this candle makeover! You can see the Sweater Pillow video by clicking here.

To see a full video tutorial of this craft, click on the link at the bottom of this page.

What you will need for this upcycle craft.

  • Holiday or really any jar candle (ONLY USE JAR CANDLES)
  • Old sweater
  • Ribbon, twine, lace or any embellishment you like
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • scissors

The first thing you will do is lay your jar candle next to the sleeve of you sweater you will want the end of the sleeve to be about a half inch below the rim of your jar and about a half inch below the bottom of your jar. Cut your sleeve straight across.

Put your jar on the table upside down. slide your sweater sleeve over your jar. Make sure the finished end of your sleeve is a half inch from the top of your jar.

You will use you needle and thread to sew around the unfinished edge of your sweater sleeve. You will want to gather it around the bottom edge of your jar. This will help you keep the unfinished edge from fraying and also keep the sweater sleeve from slipping too high on you candle jar.

You can now flip your jar right side up and embellish it how you would like. I used twine and wood beads for one. Burlap ribbon and raffia from Dollar Tree for one. I left my last one as is because it already had a cute cuff with a button embellishment.

Have fun making over your holiday jar candles, but use caution to make sure you keep your sweater material low enough on your jar to keep it away from the flame.

To watch the full video tutorial of the craft click here.

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