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Fall Harvest Acorn Garland

By October 3, 20194 Comments

I am in love with the cuteness of this Fall Harvest Acorn Garland! This was a super simple craft that was made with things I already had around my house! If you can get your hands on some acorns, you totally have to make this too!

Here’s the list of supplies I used.

  • Acorns
  • Ribbon
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

First I went out to my back yard and collected some acorns from my yard. If you don’t have your own Oak Tree, maybe your neighbor will. I do suggest you ask before scavenging through their yard though. If your neighbor doesn’t have any, check your local park. After collecting the acorns in a colander, I rinsed all the dirt, sand and debris off of them.

Next I put the acorns in a towel and gently patted them to get the bulk of the water off of them, I then spread them out onto a dry towel where I left them sit for several hours to completely dry.

You are now ready to start creating your garland! The first step is to remove to tops from your acorn nut. gently hold a section in each hand and twist in opposite directions.

You will now need to cut your twine to your desired length. you will put a generous amount of hot glue into the top of the acorn and sandwich the top and bottom of the acorn over your twine. You will want about 2″ of space in between each acorn. Make sure to leave about 6″ of extra twine at each end of your garland.

Next you will cut your ribbon into approximately 4″ strips. You will tie two pieces of ribbon in between every two acorns, alternating your colors. I used 5 different colors/patterns of ribbon. Once you have all your ribbons tied on, trim each ribbon to your desired length.

You can either tie a loop at each end like you will see here in the full tutorial video or to add the tassels you see in these photos. To make the tassels you can read my tassel tutorial blog post here. You will also find a tassel video tutorial here.

I’d love if you’d leave a comment letting me know what you think of this fun, easy and budget friendly craft!


  • Janet Idziak says:

    Love the acorn garland! Great crafting!

  • Diane says:

    I think this acorn garland is wonderful! I love that ii incorporates natural items as well as twine and ribbons. It is so cute and you can use it throughout fall and winter. Very clever idea. Love your crafts! You are very talented!

    • kristyscraftroom says:

      Thank you! I love using natural items I can find around the house! I agree, this really is one that can be used throughout the seasons!

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