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Friday Favorite – Cutting Tool

By March 27, 20202 Comments

Each week on Friday I will share one of my favorite things! It might be a tool I use regularly, a crafting material, a home decor item, it could really be anything! However it will always be something that I have used, love and truly recommend. This post contains referral links so you can get all the details and pricing of items I’m featuring.

This weeks Friday Favorite is a cutting took that I use ALL THE TIME! I really don’t thing I could live without them at this point… This weeks Friday Favorite is a good pair of side cutters. they are often called wire cutters or snips. I use mine for cutting dowel rods, paint stir sticks, wire, artificial flower stems, deconstructing metal pieces for crafts, chicken wire and so many other things! The list really could go on and on.

The side cutters that I have, I’ve had for about two years now and bought them on sale, I would never pay full price for them. They are a little pricey when not on sale! They are a good size to handle and are perfect for all my cutting needs. They have comfortable grip handles that are a cute color! BONUS!!! What I like most is their spring action, meaning they automatically open when the safety lock is open. You can click on this link to see them and get all the rest of the details. Berrylion Wire Cutter Heavy Duty 7-Inch

My next choice and if I was in the market for a new pair and the ones I have now weren’t available I’d probably buy these. They are slightly larger at 8 inches, but they have the spring action feature which I find very beneficial. They are also a reasonable price. Click on this link to see them. Crescent 8″ Pro Series Diagonal Compound Action Dual Material Cutting Pliers

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of options available. The biggest things you want to look for are the size, 7 inches is great for most projects and is a comfortable size to handle. The cutting blade on this size is going to be better for most projects too. You also would like the spring action feature, this feature will make it much easier on your hands! It really doesn’t matter which pair you chose, but If you don’t have a pair in your crafting arsenal, you are missing out on a great tool that will make your DIY life so much easier!


  • Eileen Antignano says:

    I have something very similar, they are great. good tools make easy work, I’m waiting to hoping I win the scissors tomorrow if not I am going to purchase a pair YEAH, BTW LOVE YOUR CRAFTS

    • kristyscraftroom says:

      They definitely make crafting and DIY’s so much easier! Thank’s for always watching and all your support!

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