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Farmhouse Chick Hanger – An adorable Dollar Tree transformation!

By March 21, 20202 Comments

This adorable little chick was a simple wood cutout from Dollar Tree! A simple painting technique and a cute little bow made such a huge difference for this little chick! This post contains referral links to direct you to find the exact materials I used.

What you will need for this little chick. You can click on the highlighted words for details and pricing for those items.

The first thing you will do is remove your twine hanger. Untie it and save it to reuse at the end.

You will now paint your entire chick with the FolkArt Summer Porch Yellow Chalk Paint. Once your whole chick including the sides are painted, let dry.

Once you yellow paint is dry you will apply Vaseline to the edges of your chick and a few areas on the center surface of your chick. Pay special attention to areas that would naturally wear over time. The thicker you apply the Vaseline the less paint will stick to that area. Vary the thickness to give your chick a more realistic worn look.

After you are done applying your Vaseline to your chick you will paint the entire surface of your chick with the FolkArt White Adirondack Chalk Paint. Let your paint dry completely.

A heat gun works amazing for this to speed up the process! If you use a heat gun or hair dryer don’t worry if your Vaseline looks like it’s melting a little. It will get shine and wet looking.

After your top layer is completely dry you will wipe the surface to remove the loose paint and Vaseline.

Next you can go over your chick with a sanding block to remove more of the paint over the areas where the Vaseline was applied in thinner coats. Continue this until you are happy with the chipped paint look of your chick.

You will now add your hanger back onto your chick. If your hole is blocked with paint, just use the end of a BBQ skewer, pencil or skinny paint brush to poke through the hole.

Now to make your bow. You will first cut 4 strips of Wired Garland Greenery about 7 inches long. Criss-cross them into an x shape.

Now layer your flowers on top of your greenery. These flowers are from Dollar Tree.

Then layer strips of ribbon about 6 inches long on top of your flowers. I used printed burlap ribbon from Dollar Tree.

Lastly layer strips of raffia on top of your ribbons.

Tie all your greenery, flowers, ribbon and raffia together with a piece of twine or thin ribbon.

I decided my bow needed a little pop of color so I hot glued a few yellow flowers from Dollar Tree.

Now that you have a beautiful bow you can add to the neck of your chick with hot glue.

Your Farmhouse Chick is now complete! If you like this tutorial and would like to see more like it check out my Facebook page by clicking here.


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