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Each week on Friday I will share one of my favorite things! It might be a tool I use regularly, a crafting material, a home decor item, it could really be anything! However it will always be something that I have used, love and truly recommend. This post contains referral links so you can get all the details and pricing of items I’m featuring.

This weeks favorite item is one you’ve seen me use many times. It can be used in many, many ways! I’ve used it in bows, made wreaths, used is as accents in my DIY’s, the possibilities are endless!

This Fridays favorite is a Wired Artificial Ivy Garland! It is the perfect accent to add a pop of color to a neutral farmhouse craft. It can add depth and dimension to a bow, it can be used to create a greenery wreath for all your DIY crafts!

I love the fact that it is wired, this makes the world of difference for keeping it shaped the way you want it. The wire is thick enough to hold it’s shape, but thin enough to easily cut.

I have used it for my own personal crafts and even included it for use in my craft kits I send out! I promise you won’t be disappointed if you try this!

Click here to see all the details and the pricing of the Wired Artificial Ivy Garland.

I have bought this at both Amazon and Hobby Lobby. I love the larger quantity you get at Amazon and it has always been in stock. It has been hit and miss when purchasing at my Hobby Lobby. Wherever you chose to get yours I’m confident you will find many uses for it and will love it as much as I do!

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