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Have you seen the metal ribbon you can get at Hobby Lobby and on Amazon? There is so much that can be done with it, here are a few things I use it for!

By September 2, 2021April 14th, 2022No Comments

If you watch me craft or see my crafts at all, you know I love some good metal ribbon! Here are a few projects I have done with metal ribbon, the video links on how-to do the crafts, and where you can find this awesome metal ribbon!

Before we get into it the blog, let’s talk about why I love metal ribbon. Metal ribbon is fantastic for many reasons! It has such a unique look, and can really dress up any craft that needs a little something! It is great for adding texture and a cool, shiny-metal look! It also can be painted, so it has that same unique texture but is customizable to fit with your crafts and decor style if the metal doesn’t fit! Let’s get into how I have used it!

First up, we have my stars and stripes hanger craft.

I paired some stars that I got from Dollar Tree with a sign base I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and a cute bead hanger! I painted the metal ribbon in this craft, and used it as a cute striped background! The texture from the ribbon is just what this craft needed! Click here to watch me make this Patriotic Star Trio Hanger!

Next, we have a super cute pumpkin shelf sitter frame!

I paired the metal ribbon in the craft with a pumpkin wreath form I found at Dollar Tree and a framed photo that I found on clearance. I took the photo part out of the frame and added some burlap, and then used the metal ribbon, which I painted orange, to create a pumpkin! I love how this turned out, and it looks great for fall! Click here to watch me make this Framed Pumpkin Shelf Sitter!

Next up is the “Love” Heart Hanger!

For this craft, I paired multiple sizes and patterns of metal ribbon together with a heart sign I got at Dollar Tree and a sign base I got on clearance at Dollar Tree! I decided to leave the metal ribbon it’s natural, metal color for this one because I felt it added a little something and complimented it nicely! Click here to watch me create this beautiful “Love” Heart Hanger.

Lastly we have this Christmas Tree Tag Hanger!

For this craft, I paired the metal ribbon I used for the tree with some lace ribbon from Dollar Tree! For the base I used a tag sign from Dollar Tree as well! Go here to see me create this beautiful Christmas Tree Tag Hanger!

As you can see, this metal ribbon is wonderful and a staple in many of my crafts! I find metal ribbon often times at Hobby Lobby, but Amazon also has some great deals on metal ribbons as well! Linked below are some of my favorites from Amazon!

Click here to shop….

3/4″ metal ribbon

1 1/4″ metal ribbon

2″ metal ribbon

Hope you loved these ideas and recommendations!

*This blog may contain affiliate links, if you purchase from these links there will be no extra cost to you, but I may make a small amount on each sale for referring you to the seller.