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MINI-BLOG: Let’s talk paint! My thoughts and opinions.

By August 23, 2021April 14th, 2022No Comments

Happy Monday y’all! Today we are going to talk paint; what brands I have used, when I prefer to use them, and what my favorites are.

First is Craft Smart from Michaels! Craft Smart is pretty good for the price. It has decent coverage and dries pretty quickly, which is a plus! It is a decent brand. Another brand that is very similar to Craft Smart is Anita’s. Anita’s is available at Hobby Lobby and it’s properties are comparable to Craft Smart’s.

Next up is FolkArt. FolkArt has pretty good coverage. It is a little bit thicker than I like for normal crafting, but can be good when I need a thicker coat of paint for a craft. It also is a little on the pricier side, which I why I typically try to stray away from this brand unless I need that thicker coat.

I also have used Apple Barrel for many projects. I used to use Apple Barrel a lot. Apple Barre worked well for me for a while, and still does, but it isn’t my favorite. Apple Barrel has ok coverage, and is very affordable, but it takes a long time to dry. All in all it is a decent paint, but for me (especially when live crafting) it isn’t the best because I like to keep things moving kind of quickly, and I have other brands that I know dry quicker.

You may be wondering what my favorite is then! If you watch my lives this may not surprise you, but I am going to have to go with Ceramcoat! This paint I have found is my happy-medium of all properties. It is thicker, so there is better coverage, and it ultimately I end up using less because of that, so it lasts me longer! It is a little bit more than some of the other options price-wise, but it usually (at my Hobby Lobby and others near me) goes on sale for 30% off every other week! I also sometimes order it off of Amazon. Below is a link to this paint on Amazon, so I encourage y’all to go check it out!

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