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Wood Cutout Inspiration: how to craft with them and decorate with them in your home!

By August 16, 2021April 14th, 2022No Comments

Hi everybody! On Monday, August 16th we are launching Mystery Wood Cutouts Boxes, and since people that order one will be receiving a box with many types of cutouts inside, what better time to create a post with some crafting inspiration for you all! Throughout this post we will be focusing on how you can use our wood cutouts in crafts and to decorate your home or even make gifts for people- possibilities are endless! Keep reading for some great tips and ideas to use with your wood cutouts and crafts!

Pictured above, we have two different inspiration-collages, one for big wood cutouts, and one for smaller wood cutouts! Keep reading for some fun information on how I use these, and how you can use your creativity to make some awesome crafts with them as well!

Shelf Sitters:

Shelf sitters are great for, well, sitting on shelves, mantles or any weird spaces that need a little something extra! I love using the wood cutouts just as they are, adding some fun scrapbook paper or sometimes paint and adding some embellishments for a cute piece to match my home! I also typically use our “Shelf Sitter Stands” from the shop to give them a nice solid platform to stand up on! Shelf sitters are great on their own or combined with other fun little décor pieces, such as maybe some cute twinkle lights, next to a sign or hanger, combined with a bead garland, or anything else your creative minds may think of! Big wood cutouts are great for making a shelf sitter to fill up a larger area, but the minis are also super cute to use! Mini shelf sitters are great to be combined with some other décor pieces or to fill up a small area! You also could use a whole mini bundle to create multiple mini shelf sitters to use!!!


Hangers are probably one of my favorite things to craft. Hangers can be made using any of our big wood cutouts or mini cutouts pretty easily, since MOST of them have pre-drilled holes where they can hang from. I love making a simple little bead hanger with some wood beads painted to match my craft and some twine to give my hanger a cuter look. I also sometimes will use ribbon to hang my crafts! Hangers are great to hang just on some empty wall space with a nail, in a window frame, off of a funky door knob, or even on an actual doorknob! I really love using an old window frame, that I have whitewashed white, to hang hangers on my mantle and combine them with other décor pieces and crafts. Hangers don’t always just have to be the wood cutout though! A lot of times when I make hangers, I like to attach the hanger part to a frame and also attach the wood cutout shape to the frame as well! Besides frames, I also have used pieces of wood, pieces of cardboard, covered with some fun paper, old signs, or anything I can think of! The mini wood cutouts are also fun to hang on their own! They are super light and cute, and can fill up any small area that needs a little something!


I LOVE making signs! Typically, I use mini wood cutouts to make signs, but you could use big wood cutouts as well! Signs are super fun, and kind of similar to hangers! I like to use the same idea, the wood bead/twine combo to hang my signs, but anything could work! I also sometimes make signs to use more like a shelf sitter, which is super cute to add to an area as well! Using a whole mini bundle to create a sign is super fun, but I also sometimes like to split up a mini bundle, use maybe three pieces to create a sign and the other pieces to create coordinating crafts to display with the sign! Signs are super versatile and a great craft to customize exactly how you want!


Garlands are also one of my favorite things to make! I love using the minis to create garlands! I also sometimes use trios or the other sets we create to make garlands, and use something different/unique to hang as the pieces on the garland! For example, I loved using bandanas on my USA garland, and attaching the USA cutout bundle to the bandanas. It was super fun and unique! I personally love having a garland hanging on my mantle, but garlands really can hang anywhere and be combined with other fun décor pieces!


Combinations of all of these ideas is where creativity really comes in! I typically, when decorating, do a combination of at least two of these different ideas, just to add different dimensions and pieces to the space I am decorating! I also love combining these ideas together on even just one craft, like for example, making a mini garland to go on a shelf sitter! Possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating and crafting, and that’s what makes everyone’s crafts so unique! Combos are always a good way to go!

I hope that you found some inspiration from this post! If you create any of these craft ideas, or have any different ideas, PLEASE share them we can all have some other fun, fresh ideas! Happy crafting!