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Snowman Ornament, from Dollar Tree Floral Balls – DIY

By October 22, 2019No Comments

Look at the cuteness of this little snowman! Can you believe he’s made out of Decorative Balls from the floral section at Dollar Tree!

Don’t forget to watch the full video tutorial by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Here’s what you will need to create this cute little guy!

  • 1 Large decorative ball (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 Small decorative ball (Dollar Tree)
  • Ribbon or fabric, for the scarf
  • Pebbles (Dollar Tree)
  • Burlap ribbon (Dollar Tree) or fabric, for the hat
  • 2 Small sticks
  • Twine
  • Felt or skewer and orange marker, for the nose
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors

Once you have a package each of small and large decorative balls, for the $2.00 you can make 3 ornaments at about 66 cents each! First you will hot glue a small ball on top of a large ball. This will give you the shape of your short, plump snowman.

Now you will cut a piece of ribbon about 9 inches for your scarf. You can use any ribbon you like or even a piece of fabric. Tie this piece of ribbon around the neck of your snowman like you would tie a scarf. Glue it in place with small dots of hot glue. Trim your scarf to the length you like.

We will now work on the hat. I used a piece of burlap ribbon from Dollar tree just over 4 inches long. I glued along the edge with hot glue and brought the other side of the ribbon over, securing it to the glued edge to make a tube shape. You can use fabric for this if you choose.

Once the glue is set I tied a piece of twine just over half way up the tube. Be sure to leave a long end of the twine to make a hanging loop. Trim the excess burlap off of your hat. Tie a loop for hanging with the long end of your twine.

Use hot glue to attach the hat to your snowman’s head. You can trim the bottom of your hat if needed. I like a squishy looking hat so I put a dab of glue on the side of my snowman’s hat and bent the hat over and held it until it set.

Now to give your snowman a face I used black pebbles that I found at Dollar Tree. You can also use black fish tank gravel or even lack beads.

For his nose I used the pointy tip of a skewer colored with a orange marker, you can also cut out a carrot nose from a piece of orange felt.

To finish off your little snowman you can glue small sticks into the sides of his body. I found my sticks out in my back yard. You can also use pipe cleaner for arms, but i like the look of the sticks.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! i’d love to hear what you think about this little guy! Feel free to leave a comment. You can also watch the full video tutorial by clicking here.

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