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DIY Tassel Hack – Simple hack to give you a nice rounded top to your tassels!

By February 2, 20202 Comments

If your like me and LOVE tassels, you will LOVE this crafting hack! A viewer suggested to me that I add a ball of paper to my tassels to give them a nice rounded top. My paper balls were less then impressive. This got me thinking to what else would work for this. I found a hack that works perfectly! In this tutorial I will go through all the steps to making a tassel along with my new favorite hack! You can use yarn, ribbon, twine or something similar, but I will be using yarn for this tutorial.

To start you tassel you will first loop your yarn back and forth. The number of times you go back and forth and the length you make your loops will determine the length and thickness of your tassel. For this tassel I made my loops 11 inches long and have 24 strips of yarn.

Fold your loops in half to find the center point. Tie a long piece of yarn around the center of your looped yarn. This piece of yarn is going to be used as a hanger for your tassel.

Here is where your hack comes in. You will use a bead in the center of your yarn to help create a nice rounded top on your tassel. You can also use a ball of paper, material or yarn. I am using a 3/4 inch wood bead for this tassel.

To attach the wood bead I tied a piece of yarn around my tassel in the same place as my piece of yarn for my hanger.

I placed a piece of tape around my yarn ends to make it easier to slip the yarn through my bead. Slide the bead all the way to your yarn loops.

Next I tied several knots to hold my bead into place. I also added a couple dots of hot glue to secure it. Once your knot is set, trim the excess length off of your yarn.

You will now bring your looped yarn down around your wood bead.

With a long piece of yarn, closer to one end, you will tie a knot around your yarn loops. Tie this knot just below your wood bead. Make sure to pull all your yarn loops tight and tie a tight knot to hold it securely. Remember to leave one end of your yarn longer then the other.

You will use the long end of your yarn to wrap a collar around your tassel. Use small dots of hot glue to secure yarn collar in place. Once you have wrapped your yarn around several times you can cut off any excess length of yarn. You could also use a piece of ribbon glued over you collar to give it a pretty finished look.

Now you can cut the loops at the end of your tassel and trim your ends.

I like to add a couple wooden beads as an embellishment too my tassels. Slide your beads on and tie a knot to hold them in place.

To finish off your tassel you will tie a knot at the top of your hanger and trim the ends.

Your tassel is now complete with a nicely rounded top! If you like this tutorial and would like to see more DIY crafts and tips click here to visit my Facebook page. Make sure to click on the Follow button while your there!


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