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Dollar Tree Flowers… Yay or Nay?

By February 8, 2020No Comments

I’m not typically a big fan of artificial flowers in general, but access to fresh flowers for every craft simply isn’t realistic, especially when you live in Michigan and our flower season is short. I knew I needed some flowers for some upcoming craft projects so I headed to Dollar Tree to see what was available. In this blog post I will share some of the ones I was quite impressed with.

The first one to catch my eye was the Lavender. They had such a soft realistic look. The flower buds were full and came in three different color choices. They had them in dark purple, light purple and white with little hints of purple. I bought all three varieties.

My next favorite was the greenery plants. The spikey Wild Onions would be great for adding height to any arrangement. I could also see these peaking out from behind some flowers on a pretty spring wreath.

I equally like the fern stems. They are not real full so you would probably want a few, but they make up for their small size with the realistic look they have.

I have a new appreciation for succulents. I never really was a fan before. It’s not that I didn’t like them, I was just indifferent to them. I now think they are super cute little plants. Dollar Tree has impressed me with thier variety and quality of their succulents this year.

If you want a little color check out the Delphinium and Forsythia. They both add fun color especially for spring.

For flowing plants I just love the Wisteria. They have pink, purple and white. White is my favorite.

I think some of my growing appreciation for artificial flowers, especially indoor flowers, is the fact that I seem to kill every indoor plant we have. I think it’s partially a lack of good sunlight in my house. I mostly think I overly love them and simply try to hard, drowning them with too much water…

Artificial flowers can ger very pricey. If you are crafting or decorating on a budget, Dollar Tree is a good option for several types of flowers. There are many more other flowers that are nice and I would certainly buy them too, these are just my favorites. I won’t lie and say I love all that they have. There are definitely some I would pass on, but it’s worth a trip to your local Dollar Tree to scope out their selection.

Please take a moment to check out my Facebook page by clicking here to see some of my creations using Dollar Tree flowers.

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