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Spring Door Hanger from a Dollar Tree “Flowers & Garden” Bucket

By February 10, 20202 Comments

For DIY crafts like this you have to think outside the box a little, or in this case outside the bucket! In this tutorial I will show you how to turn a cute little “Flowers & Garden” bucket from Dollar Tree into a unique garden sign.

What you will need for this DIY.

  • “Flower & Garden” metal bucket, Dollar Tree
  • Sign board, Dollar Tree
  • Scrapbook paper, Hobby Lobby
  • Flowers, Dollar Tree
  • Twine
  • Wood beads, Dollar Tree
  • Buttons, optional
  • Acrylic paint, black
  • Mod Podge
  • Sanding block or sand paper
  • Metal snips
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Spray paint can or something similar in size

The first thing you will so is measure 7 inches across the front of you bucket, centering the words.

Using a sharpie you will draw a line straight down on each side.

once you have your lines drawn you will cut along those lines with a pair of tin snips.

After both sides are cut you will bend out your metal away from your bucket.

Now cut straight across the bottom of your bucket. You will end up with a rectangle piece.

You will now measure a half inch from each side of your metal rectangle.

Place your ruler along the marks and bend up the side of your metal rectangle. I may help yo use a pair of pliers to grab a hold of the top edge since it has a lip that makes it stiff and harder to bend. Do this on both sides.

Now you will use your spray paint can or something similar in size to roll your metal rectangle on to give it an arched shape to it. Set your metal rectangle piece aside.

We will now work on the sign board. First you will cut the hanger off and sand the glitter words off the front.

Place your sign board face down on the backside of your scrapbook paper. Trace around your sign board. Cut your shape out of your scrapbook paper. make sure to cut outside or your lines. It is better to have a little overhang then to have your paper too small.

Now you will spread some Mod Podge onto the front of you sign board. A little goes a long way. Make sure to get the edges of your sign. Place your scrapbook paper over the Mod Podge and press down and rub out any air bubbles.

Once your sign board has dried completely you can sand off the edges of your sign to trim off any excess paper and to give it a distressed look. If you want more of a distressed look you can sand some spots on the surface of your sign board.

For the hanger You will poke a hole through the paper where your original hanger holes were.

I used some wood beads from Dollar Tree and painted them with some black acrylic paint. I strung my beads onto a piece of twine and tied knots to keep my beads at the height I wanted them.

Here is where it all comes together! You will lay your rectangle piece of metal on your sign board and trace the side and bottom edges. Place a generous bead of hot glue inside the traced lines you made. I used my high temp hot glue gun to ensure the glue wouldn’t set to fast.

Put your rectangle piece on top of the hot glue, hold into place, holding the sides and bottom edge against the sign board until the glue has fully set. I wanted to add a little something extra so I hot glued some buttons to the edges of my metal pocket.

You now have a little pocket to hold some flowers. I used artificial Lavender from Dollar Tree.

Your Spring Flowers & Garden Hanger is now complete! If you want to watch the full video tutorial click here. If you like this tutorial and want to see more DIY Crafts like this, click here.


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