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Farmhouse Dollar Tree Vase – A simple Glass Decanter from Dollar Tree transformed into a farmhouse vase!

By February 28, 2020One Comment

We all need a vase for those flowers whether someone brings them to you, you pick them from the garden or you prefer to enjoy a long term artificial arrangement. This adorable little vase started from a Dollar Tree Decanter/Carafe.

At the bottom of this post there is a link to the video tutorial that has both this more neutral version and a colorful version.

Here’s what you’ll need for this craft.

  • Decanter/Carafe, Dollar Tree
  • Chalk paint
  • Wood beads
  • Twine
  • Burlap ribbon, Dollar Tree optional
  • Wood heart sticker, Dollar Tree optional
  • Brown Sharpie
  • Sanding block
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Tissue or rag

The first thing you will do is clean your jar with some rubbing alcohol. Once your jar is dry from cleaning it you will paint the entire surface with your white chalk paint. I did one coat. If you want a more solid coverage you can paint a second coat.

After your chalk paint is completely dry you will use your sanding block to distress your vase. How much you distress your vase is completely up to you. Make sure to get around the edges where you would find natural distressing.

Dust any loose paint/dust away from your vase. You can leave your vase as is or spray with any clear sealer. I chose to leave mine as is.

Now cut a piece of twine about 24 inches long. String your wood beads onto your twine. I used a variety of sizes in a random pattern. I used 20 beds total.

Next I cut a piece of my burlap ribbon from Dollar Tree. I cut a piece 2 inches long.

Fold your piece of burlap ribbon in half and and cut the top corners where they meet at an angle.

While you have your burlap ribbon folded in half cut a small hole at the top of your tag to run the twine through.

Place a small bead of hot glue across the top edge of your tag on the backside. This will help keep your burlap from pulling apart when you tie it to your tag.

Now remove the sticky dot from the back of your wood heart sticker. If you don’t have one of these you can use any wood heart or even cut a heart out of felt, card stock or even a piece of cardboard.

you can leave your heart blank or write any message you like. I Put mine and my husbands initials on mine.

Hot glue your heart to the center of your burlap tag.

You will now tie your burlap tag to your twine and tie a bow.

Your vase is now ready for a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Real or artificial it will give you a beautiful anchor for your arrangement! If you would like to see the full video tutorial of this DIY click here. If you like this tutorial and want to see more like it click here to see my Facebook page. Remember to click the follow button while your there!

If you like the flowers I have in my vase, they are all from Dollar Tree.

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