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Kristy's Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!

By March 13, 2020No Comments

Each week on Friday I will share one of my favorite things! It might be a tool I use regularly, a crafting material, a home decor item, it could really be anything! However it will always be something that I have used, love and truly recommend. This post contains referral links so you can get all the details and pricing of each item.

My Friday Favorite this week is a tool I use ALL THE TIME!! If you watch my live tutorials you will see me use it for almost every DIY/craft I make. This Friday’s Favorite is a super low temp glue gun! I can be a hot mess when it comes to using a hot glue gun and have burned myself countless times! For this reason, I use a super low temp glue gun any chance I get.

There’s actually two versions I’m going to show you. I’m showing you two different ones, because I’ve had them both and like them both equally!

The first one is the Surebonder Cool-Shot. This was the first one I had and it worked great for a very long time. It was a budget friendly tool that was well worth the money! The only reason I did’t buy this one again, when it came time to replace my original one, was the store I was at was sold out and I needed a new one right away.

Click here to check out all the details on the Surbonder Cool-Shot glue gun.

The second super low temp glue gun I love is the one I currently use. It’s the Adtech Corded Cool Tool. I originally bought this glue gun out of lack of choices since the Surebonder wasn’t available. I quickly realized I liked it as much as my old one and to this day I still use it.

Click here to see all the details on the Cool Tool glue gun.

whether you choose to try one of these or another brand, I thing you will love a super cool temp glue gun! Don’t get me wrong, they do still get quite warm, but not to the point that they feel like they are scalding you. They set very quick so they are best used for small area and when you are gluing close to your fingers. You do want to make sure you are using a cool temp glue stick.

Thanks for checking out my Friday favorite! If you want to see more of what I do check out my Facebook page by clicking here.

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