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Spring Birdhouse Sign – Dollar Tree items combined to create the perfect sign to welcome in Spring!

By March 12, 2020No Comments

I just can’t get enough of these colors and textures in this spring sign! They complement each other so well and add so much sunshine to a room! Best part is, almost everything is from Dollar Tree!

What you will need for this craft.

  • Fabric placemat, Dollar Tree
  • 8 x 10 Picture frame, Dollar Tree
  • Galvanized metal word, Dollar Tree
  • Galvanized birdhouse yard stake, Dollar Tree
  • Wood beads, Dollar Tree
  • Mini grapevine wreath, Michael’s
  • Chalk Paint, Michael’s
  • Yellow flowers, Dollar Tree
  • Twine, Dollar Tree
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and glue sticks

The first thing you will do is take your frame apart. Save the frame and the back cardboard piece. Carefully store your glass piece for a future project or recycle it.

You can start by painting your frame. I will give you details on the paint I used and have included referral links for you in case you want more details on them, but you can use any brand you choose. The first step was to paint the entire frame with FolkArt Adirondack White paint.

Once your white paint is dry you will dry brush FolkArt Grotto paint over the white. You can apply the Grotto color as heavy or light as you choose. Set aside to dry.

Next deconstructed the bird house yard stake from Dollar Tree. To do this lift the tabs on the back of the bird house and the flower and bird slide right out.

You can remove the stake portion from your house by simply bending it back and forth until it pops off.

Then use a pair of wire cutters to remove the bird from the flower leaving the long tab attached to the back of the bird.

To help tie in the color scheme use the Grotto Chalk Paint to paint over the colored trim on the house, then dry brush with the White Adirondack paint.

You can also paint the bird. I used the chalk paint for this as well. I used Grotto, Vintage Mustard and a little Summer Porch.

While you still have the paint out you can dry brush some Vintage Mustard and Summer Porch on your galvanized word. I chose the word “Spring”. My word came from a package of galvanized spring words from Dollar Tree.

While your paint dries, you can trace your cardboard frame back onto your fabric placemat. Cut along your tracing lines. Save your piece you cut out and the small piece that is about 2 x 8.5 inches.

Use your hot glue to close up the seams in both of your fabric pieces.

Now hot glue your large fabric piece, floral side up, onto your cardboard frame back.

You will hot glue your small strip of fabric, solid side up, about one inch from the top of your frame backing.

Now place your frame backing back into your frame and secure it with the tabs on the back of your frame.

Now it gets fun and it all starts to come together. You can now hot glue your galvanized metal house onto your frame. center it along the bottom edge of your frame.

Next hot glue the mini grapevine wreath onto your galvanized house covering the holes left behind from removing the flower. This wreath was from Michael’s and only regular priced at 49 cents.

You will embellish your wreath by hot gluing your bird to your wreath. By leaving the metal piece on the back of your bird, you can glue the metal piece between the grapevine to make the bird stick out a bit, giving it a three denominational look.

Finish off your wreath be adding a few yellow flowers to the top edge of your wreath.

Next you will hot glue your galvanized metal word over the strip of fabric at the top.

At this point you can leave your frame as is and set it on the counter or table top or you can string some yellow beads from Dollar Tree to make a hanger at the top of your frame. I added a little vintage mustard chalk paint to tone down the brightness of the yellow beads.

Your new beautiful spring sign is complete! If you’d like to watch the full video tutorial of this craft click here. If you like this tutorial and want to see more like it click here to visit my Facebook page. Mae sure to click on the follow button while your there!

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