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Indoor Gnome/Fairy Garden – Simple and easy all Dollar Tree. No dirt, no plants, no mess!

By March 7, 20202 Comments

This little gnome/fairy garden is perfect for indoor use. If you don’t have a space outdoors or simply don’t want to mess with a complicated set up but still want the cuteness of your own gnome/fairy garden, this is for you! This little garden came to life using only Dollar Tree items. No joke this is probably the simplest DIY I have done yet!

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Wood wall hanger/frame
  • 2 Moss sheets
  • Brown paint
  • Gnome/fairy figures and houses
  • paint brush
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors

My frame has a hanger and a heart cutout added to it. I removed both of these.

Now you will paint the frame portion of your sign. You are using the backside to create a tray. Make sure to get the outside and inside edges. I used brown chalk paint, but acrylic of any brand will work. Let your paint dry. If you don’t have the same frame as I do, it’s OK, just find something similar. A cookie sheet from Dollar Tree will work as well. If you use a cookie sheet you will need two full pieces of the moss sheets.

Once you paint is dry, you will lay your moss sheets inside your tray and mark where you will need to cut your second sheet.

Once you have cut your moss sheets you will want to check to make sure they fit OK before starting to glue them into place.

Now will hot glue them into place covering the bottom portion of your tray.

I made two trays, you can just do one if you choose. I made one tray my Gnomeville and one tray Fairyland. I connected them by placing the bridge between them. This is where you can use your creativity and make yours the way you want to!

This super simple DIY is now done! I told you it was simple!! I you want to see the video tutorial click here. If you like this DIY and want to see more like it click here to visit my Facebook page. Remember to click on the follow button while you there!


  • carole borque says:

    THAT IS SO CUTE!..i have made the clay gnomes, they turned out really cute..not a lot i can do right now with this darn broke leg, but 6 more weeks and i
    m good to go!…love your crafts, love watching have made such a difference in my ordeal..if i didnt have the crafts to keep me busy and watch, i dont know what i would have thank you, you inspire me to push on,and see there is a light at the end of my cast!..

    • kristyscraftroom says:

      That’s amazing! Thank you for all those kind words! I hope you heal up quickly and are back to crafting before you know it!

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