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    Truckload of pumpkins!

    This wood and metal pumpkin truck is so adorable, and you can decorate it completely to your style! Roll down your window and let the pumpkin vine and leaves blow in the wind as you travel down your dirt road to home. Park your truck and load it up with several different fall colored pumpkins! Use any type of design or technique to make it your own. Fall is so special to me, the scenery is always so mesmerizing. This season teaches us the true beauty of change, and letting things go! Letting go of those things that should no longer be of concern, or worry. Fall is proof that…

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    Watering Can Hanger

    This watering can wood cutout has got to be one of my favorites I’ve made from our wood cutouts! I used several different techniques to get the look I was going for! Some of the techniques I used were faux galvanize metal, chippy paint, water droplets and distressing! You can check out all of our wood cutouts in our shop by clicking the button below. I created this live on our Kristy’s Craft Room Facebook Page. You can watch the crafting video by clicking the button below.

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    DIY Cozy Sweater Pillow Up-cycle

    These Cozy Sweater Pillows are sure to warm up any room! Best part, It’s a way to reuse something in a new and creative way! I created all four of these cozy pillows for a total of $12.00. Including the four pillows themselves!! There is a link to the full video tutorial of this craft at the bottom of this page. What you will need. Pillow Sweater Scissors Hot glue gun and glue sticks Straight pins Really, seriously… that’s all you’ll need!! The first thing you will do is pick a pillow and a sweater that are similar in size and shape. You will want your sweater to be at…

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    Cozy Yarn Bead Garland – DIY

    Bead garland is all the rage right now. I love every kind of garland and wanted to create a cozy garland to help add to the cozy feel I’m going for in my home right now. In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how to create these yarn beads to create a fun cozy garland. To see the full video tutorial, click on the link at the bottom of the page. Here is what you will need for this garland. Yarn, I uses a white and a cream colored yarn from Michael’s Paper straw Twine Wood beads Wood tag, the one I used was from Hobby Lobby Scrapbook paper…

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    Farmhouse Christmas Tree – DIY with construction shims and wood stems

    This beautiful tree has a very classy, high end feel to it, but is very budget friendly! This is created with construction shims, wood stems from Dollar Tree and garland ties that can be found at Dollar Tree ans many craft stores! To see the full video tutorial click on the link at the bottom of this page. Here is what you will need for this tree Large construction shims, Home Depot 2 Bags of wood stems, Dollar Tree Garland Ties. Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby Holly Berry Sprigs, Dollar Tree Gold Metal Star, Hobby Lobby Berry Garland, Hobby Lobby Hot Glue and Glue Sticks Side cutters or cutting to…

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    DIY Vintage Snow Ski Hanger Decoration

    This DIY craft was inspired by a decoration I saw in the store fr $30.00!!! Though I found it to be absolutely adorable, it simply was not in my budget! So me being me… I stared at it thinking of how I could make it myself. I immediately saw paint stir sticks, BBQ skewers and my faux galvanized metal technique. To see the full video tutorial of this craft, click on the link at the bottom of this page. Here is what you will need to make this craft yourself. 2 paint stir sticks 2 BBQ skewers Scrapbook paper, design of your choice 2 wood beads wire 1 garland tie…

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    Dollar Tree Snowman Makeover

    While this little Dollar Tree Snowman is cute, he’s a little flashy for my liking and doesn’t fit into my home decor. I am going to show you how you can make him over into a classy, rustic snowman you can be proud to show off in your home. Check out the full video tutorial at the bottom of this page to get even more detailed instruction! Here’s what you will need for this snowman makeover. Snowman from Dollar Tree Roping, cording or jute rope from Dollar Tree burlap ribbon from Dollar Tree Twine from Dollar Tree or Michael’s Raffia (optional) from Dollar Tree Buttons Sticks Hot glue gun and…

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    Burlap Ribbon Dollar Tree Christmas Tree – DIY

    This has to be my very favorite Christmas Craft to date! It is easy, inexpensive and beyond gorgeous! It has the perfect mix of rustic and elegance all wrapped up into one tree. You can watch the full video tutorial by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Here are the things you will need to create this beautiful craft. Wood Tree Cutout, Dollar Tree 1 Roll light brown Burlap Ribbon, Dollar Tree Dark Brown Burlap Ribbon, Dollar Tree (optional) Brown paint, I used Craft Smart acrylic paint from Michael’s 6″ Dowel rod, Dollar Tree Scrap wood for base, I used a wood disk from Hobby Lobby…

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    Country Christmas Tree – Construction Shim DIY

    This is one of my favorite DIY crafts so far! I just love the way these trees turned out! They can be hung up on a wall or propped on a shelf. Either way they are an adorable complement to any country Christmas theme! The best part, they are made with construction shims so they are super affordable to make! Don’t forget to click on the link at the bottom of this page to watch the full live video tutorial for this DIY craft. Here is what you will need to make these Country Christmas Trees. Construction shims, large ones for a large tree or small ones for a small…

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    $1 Apron Transformed into Red Truck Christmas Decor

    This Dollar General Apron was only $1.00! I wasn’t a fan of it as an apron, but I just loved the truck on it and knew I wanted to turn it into something cute for my home. Read on to see how you too can transform one into a decorative wall/door hanging. Remember to click on the link for the full video tutorial at the bottom of this page. This is what you will need. $1.00 Apron from Dollar General, truck design 9 Paint stir sticks Paint, red, black, creamy white Ribbon Bell (optional) Pine sprig or mini pine tree (optional) twine Scissors Hot glue and glue sticks The first…